Bamboo Card Holder

Bamboo Craft
Rs. 420.00
Material :
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Rs. 420.00
The Card Holder made from Bamboo is a great way to keep track of your credit and debit cards, ID cards, gift cards, membership and loyalty cards, business cards and more. This is the best way to organize your cards. Ideal for use in home, office or travel. Made from big bamboo by making use of its bending potentials. Material: Bamboo
Quantity: One

Inducing in you a passion for eco-friendly products, these Bamboo Crafts will serve your daily requirements keeping nature intact. Each of these works is intricate and painstakingly designed. Extravagant crafts seemingly presenting the passionate works of artisans. Isn't it a wonder that Bamboo being a grass plant is too versatile! One of the fastest-growing plants, Bamboo is strong and durable. It stands out as a wonder to nature with its special quality to absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide while emitting higher levels of oxygen making it a sustainable, eco-friendly plant. Henceforth, the products made from bamboo are the best suitable eco-friendly ones. Bamboo arts and crafts products are strong, durable, and flexible.


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Bamboo Card Holder
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