7 Reasons why you should own a khadi outfit – India’s signature fabric

  1. Distinguishable quality of fabric-Khadi is any natural fabric which is hand-spun and handwoven. Be it cotton silk wool or jute, it resonates the sustainable lifestyle of the wearer. Khadi fabric are easily distinguishable from handloom fabric. Handloom yarns are not handspun. The course and rough texture, the looseness of the yarn towards the end is one way to distinguish khadi fabric from handloom fabric. When placed against light, khadi products are more transparent and you can note difference in density when compared to handloom. You can find imperfections and irregularities in a pure khadi fabric which infact enhances its uniqueness and authentic weaving style.

  2. Low carbon footprint-Khadi do not depend on machines and do not consume energy. It uses less than three litre of water for every metre produced while machine women fabrics consumes around 55 litres of water. Hence, khadi has low carbon foot print and its usage put less burden on the earth and the environment.

  3. A favorite fabric among acclaimed fashion designers-Khadi transcends a message of wellness, royalty and luxury and has been adopted by several leading international fashion designers to design their clothing lines . Khadi is now being adopted by major fashion event across the world due to its elegance, style and the versatility of the fabric to make beautiful kurtas, bridal lehengas. India’s fashion designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rithu Kumar, Rohit Bahl and others had launched several exclusive collections of Khadi in the past which has a touch of modernity with the right blend of tradition, in all their creations. Khadi is now increasingly a stylish option for the young who value sustainability and classic mix of style and tradition.

  4. Easy to blend with other classic textile arts of India- This wonder fabric can go well with other textile art form of India and it can create impressive clothes both Indian and western, be it embroidery, pearl work , aariwork or other embellishments. Khadi is not just being used to create attire, but is being increasingly being used in home décor products like curtains, cushion covers, wall arts, jhottis, bags and other accessories.

  5. Style statement of the elite-khadi sarees and dhotis are worn by prominent persons who subtly conveys their philosophy of life, sustainable living and support to the weavers who create wonder clothes from khadi. Moreover khadi clothes are fashionable, can make simple as well as sophisticated styles and are suitable as daily wear and for special occasions.Khadi had become a favourite among connoisseurs of luxury, Celebrities, business stalwarts, politicians, cultural leaders and other social influencers now increasingly embrace this fabric due the above reasons.

  6. The Skin-friendly fabric-No chemicals are used in the process of making khadi. Khadi fabrics are breathable, durable and have superior absorption capabilities. Most suitable fabric for Indian weather condition, it keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in winters. The khadi fabric gets crumbled easily and it is kept starch to maintain the crispiness. The fabric becomes more better on every wash and has a sure shelf life of over 5 years

  7. Support a compelling social cause-By deciding to buy khadi, we also help and promote the livelihoods of the khadi labourers and artisans. Khadi also manifests the limitless patience of the khadi spinners and weavers who toil at their trade. Khadi was promoted by Gandhiji as it was a way to promote employment in non-agricultural sector. Due this exhaustive efforts being put in by the laborer's, khadi clothes are prices at a higher rate than handloom and power loom products. The most valuable of all the recognition given to khadi is that the Indian flag is made from khadi cloth alone.

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