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Explore finest handwoven silk and cotton sarees created by master weavers from across Indian villages. Sarees of Bishnupur, Kota, Banarasi, Maheshwari, Chanderi, Sambalpuri, Ikkat, Naryanpet, Ajrak, Bengal Cotton and several other exquisite handlooms are available. Exclusive handloom collections curated from Kerala from the weavers of Balaramapuram, Kuthampully, Kannur, Palakkad, chendamangalam, the famed weaving clusters in Kerala, which claim a legacy of over 300-500 years or more. These pieces of marvel, woven by hand, are known for their simple yet elegant style with a rich combination of off-white yarn and pure zari or coloured woven borders.

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Maheshwari sarees in India are a product of the town of Maheshwari in Madhya Pradesh – they are a synthesis of silk and cotton fabrics with a brocade or zari outline. Initially a pure silk drape in its years of origin in the 18th century, cotton was slowly added in for more durability and breathability. It is believed that Queen Ahilyabai Holkar ordered the design of an exquisite nine-yard drape by the artisans of Surat and Malwa. She desired to gift them to royal guests and relatives when they were visiting – these later became what are today known as Maheshwari saree.

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handloom dhotis

Handloom Kerala dhotis are a must have for all traditional occasions of every Malayalee. More than an attire dhotis have now become a style statement due to its elegance, the strong message of its pro-earth weaving process, Thanks to the efforts to go global , Kerala handlooms now find a unparalleled space in the global fashion industry. Moreover due to the sustainable practices being followed in the whole weaving cycle, Kerala handlooms are now increasingly a sought -after attire .

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